As the home of appliances, cookware and every specialty gadget under the sun, the kitchen is and always will be a perplexing place to organize.
The never-ending accessories and endless food bags, boxes and cans easily fill up every nook and cranny, especially in a not-so-big kitchen. one of them will inspire an idea for your own kitchen.

1. Custom pantry.

More than any other storage solution, Houzzers dream of a perfectly organized walk-in pantry. More than 600,000 users have saved this photo to their ideabooks, thanks to its pullout baskets, pocket doors and abundant shelf space.

2. Corner drawer.

Ingenious corner drawers are a creative solution for awkward corners, which is why 470,000 Houzzers saved this photo. The drawers run diagonally into the corner, which makes them deeper than most and therefore lets them pack a bigger storage punch.

3. Utensil drawer.

This clever utensil built-in keeps serveware and silverware conveniently in check. Added to more than 260,000 ideabooks, this image is one of the most popular on Houzz. If you want the look but can’t afford custom, take the DIY route by placing stainless steel pots in a deep, empty drawer.

4. Undersink drawer.

The deep cabinet under the sink can seem like a bottomless pit, so it isn’t surprising that more than 240,000 readers love this easy solution. The drawer keeps cleaning supplies visible. DIY by purchasing and installing your own sliding organizer.

5. Pullout trash can.

More than 220,000 Houzzers love the simplicity of this pullout trash can. It hides unattractive bins and frees up floor space, while the side nook can house trash bags and ties (or an air freshener).

6. Cookie sheet drawer.

More than 210,000 users agree that this divided drawer is the solution for a range of muffin tins, broiler pans, cooling racks and cookie sheets. If you don’t have a drawer to spare, try a narrow pullout near the stove or add wood or metal dividers to the cabinet above your refrigerator.

7. Appliance garage.

Just about all of us could use a clutter-free countertop, which is why appliance garages are popular. More than 160,000 users like this design, which keeps a blender, toaster and mixer nearby but out of sight.

8. Deep cabinet organizer.

This pullout pantry organizer, paired with cabinet door racks, is a favorite for 150,000 Houzzers. “Many of our clients don’t have room for a walk-in pantry,” says Rhoda Fry, of Bill Fry Construction. “Having storage on the doors and inside keeps everything organized and within easy reach.”

9. Rolling cabinet or cart.

Acting as both counter and storage, this accessible rolling cart is worth adding. It can work as a kitchen island, especially in a small space, or a bar cart when rolled into any room. More than 140,000 people have this in their photo collections on Houzz.

10. Spice storage.

This handy spice pullout and cabinet rack design has been saved to more than 110,000 ideabooks so far, mostly because it’s so practical.

11. Kitchen mail station.

About 98,000 community members long for this kitchen command station, complete with bookshelves, mail slots and a desk. It’s a great way to avoid that midweek paper pileup, and it conveniently lets someone supervise homework time while cooking dinner.

12. Dish drawer.

Some 76,000 users love this sturdy, deep drawer, which keeps plates within reach for even the shortest members of the household. This one can hold 75 to 100 pounds, and adjustable pegs let you easily fit in all your breakables.

13. Pet bowls.

Pets are such an important part of many people’s lives, and more than 84,000 Houzzers think these built-in dog bowls are a great kitchen feature. To keep your pet from tripping you up while you cook, you can also add a dog or cat bed to your kitchen.

14. Open shelves.

This look is one of the most popular trends on Houzz, and 81,000 love this kitchen in particular. These stainless steel shelves can display decorative accessories or store daily dishes.

15. Pullout shelves.

Saved to more than 72,000 ideabooks, this pullout shelf provides easy access to pans and pots. This system works great for reaching those back corners in deep cabinets: The front tray pulls out vertically and allows the back tray to slide over to the right.

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